IDGA Events

Growing the dairy goat community

“To provide practical and scientific instruction in the breeding and care of dairy goats and their products.” - This is directly from the 1967 founding objectives of the Iowa Dairy Goat Association and it remains a pertinent and thriving component of the organization today, 50 years later.

I smile every time I see new faces come to one of our events and smile even bigger when we witness veterans take part in helping them through the paces.

                - IDGA Board Member & Former President Butch Sowers

A special invite to all IDGA members:

IDGA 50th Anniversary Party at the Iowa State Fair!

Meet up Saturday after the Agility Contest (which follows the Senior Doe Open Show) for dinner, cake, and fun.  The IDGA Board has presents for all members too, so be sure to stop by at any point to pick yours up.  50th Anniversary IDGA shirts are on sale now - order by August 3 for free delivery to the Iowa State Fair!

Iowa Dairy Goat Association Spring Classic

Iowa Spring Classic

Annual Spring Show in Colfax, IA

A 4-ring Doe and 4-ring buck show in centrally located Colfax, IA, just west of Des Moines. Sanctioned with ADGA (and AGS for Nigerian Dwarfs), the IDGA Spring Classic is a must-attend whether you are showing or watching. The Iowa Spring Classic is always held on the first weekend of June.


Iowa Dairy Goat Association Artificial Insemination Clinic


Broad range of topics

The Iowa Dairy Goat Association is always on alert for opportunities to serve the educational needs of members as well as anyone who has an interest in dairy goats and dairy goat products.  Past clinics have included an all-day Artificial Insemination (AI) Workshop, with a practical and hands-on approach, a Cheesemaking Clinic, and a 4-H/ FFA Judging/Evaluation Symposium.

Iowa State Fair

Costume & Agility Contests

The Iowa Dairy Goat Association sponsors a Costume Contest and an Obstacle Course at the Iowa State Fair Dairy Goat Show.  The Costume Contest is held on the Friday evening and the Obstacle Course is on the Saturday evening of the Dairy Goat Show.  These activities are open to all ages!  Age classes for the Costume Contest and Obstacle Course are 6 and under, 7 to 13, 14 to 21, and 22 and up.